Success Story: Cristiana

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I’m now in the best shape ever-even before kids! So far I have lost 23 pounds and 19 inches. I’ve gone from a size 8 to a size 4!

I started  my journey with Maria when I had reached a point in my life where I had enough of not being as healthy as I knew I could be or wanted to be.  I had two children within one year (they are 11 months apart) and it had taken a toll on my body, but I had let that excuse keep me from working out or eating healthy for 3 more years until I called Maria.

I was mostly looking for someone to pay 100% attention to me and hold my hand through the difficult beginning stage of trying to create a life change.  Maria supported me in this and SO much more.  She has become a mentor, idol, life coach, and friend. I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness and I am pleased to say that the things I am learning and doing now are sustainable for the rest of my life.

I have seen results past what I expected or wished for, but the funny thing is that most would give up at this point of satisfaction.  I feel the opposite – I want to continue to push myself and I couldn’t imagine doing that without Maria’s guidance and coaching.  She really provides the whole package in training and nutrition and I am so grateful to have found her in my journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

cristiana before1cristiana before2





Cristiana Before 3/18/13 at 163 pounds

Cristianafront after2

Cristiana after2





Cristiana After 8/5/13 at 138.8 pounds

Cristiana’s Fitness Progress Report

Date 3-18-13 6-10-13 7-29-13 CHANGE from 3-18
Height 5’8.5
Weight 163 148.4 140.8 -22.2
Age 34
Neck 13 12.5 12.5 – .5
Arm 12 11.5 11 – 1
Forearm 9.75 9.5 9 – .75
Wrist 6 6
Waist 32 28 27.5 – 4.5
Abdomen 34.25 31.5 31 -3.25
Hips 42 39 37.75 -4.25
Thigh 24.5 22.5 21.5 -3.5
Calf 14.75 14.5 14 -.75
Body Fat 29.3% 22.9% 21.1% – 8.2%
Pushups 16 30 35 Increased 54%

Decreased body fat: 8.2%

Decreased weight: 22.2 pounds

Decreased inches:  18.5 inches

Strength increased!  Pushups from 16 to 35. An increase of 54%.


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