Fatty Food Facts You Might Not Want To Know

oilOne 15-ounce bag of potato chips = 1 cup of oil

Most bags of chips contain an average of 150 grams of fat. Instead of munching on traditional chips, seek out baked varieties, make some popcorn with canola oil and popcorn kernels or grab some pretzels or peanuts. And of course, be aware of how much you’re eating.

McDonald’s Big Mac and large fries = 1 cup of Crisco.

The sandwich alone has 570 calories and 32 grams of fat. Add that to the 450 calories and 22 grams of fat from the fries, and you’ve basically got one cup of Crisco. Not completely turned off? Dole out a cup of Crisco and imagine what it would look like on your hips. If you need a greasy treat, opt for a grilled chicken sandwich (minus the mayo), order a small serving of fries and a diet soda.

1 pint of Vanilla Haagen-Dazs ice cream = 2/3 stick of butter

Sure, late nights and heartbreaks were made for Haagen-Dazs. But factor in the 1080 calories and 72 grams of fat, and you’ve really got yourself something to cry about. I should add that ice cream has 82 grams of sugar. And don’t be fooled by the small size of the pint — the entire portion is pretty easy to devour. But the serving size is four — yes four — and, every so often, there’s nothing wrong with a 270-calorie sweet treat.

1 Bagel with Cream Cheese = 2 ½ slices of pepperoni pizza

While not all bagels are built the same, most store-bought ones are fairly safe on the calorie side (most average fewer than 280 calories). Buy one from a deli or sandwich shop, however, and you may be looking at anywhere from 350 to a whopping 500 calories. The same goes for cream cheese: Two tablespoons have fewer than 75 calories. But most delis pile on half a cup of the topping, which can bump the calorie count up to 400! Instead: see if they offer oatmeal with nuts and skim milk. You will get more nutrition and fewer calories.

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After School Snack Attacks

SONY DSCAfter school snacks are more than just a habit, most kids really need that middle of the afternoon fuel. Afternoon snacking helps refuel kids and may also help them study better. Kids generally eat smaller portions than adults and need to refuel more often.

Good-for-you snacks start with a proper pantry. Stock your refrigerator and shelves with foods that are fast — not fussy.

These ideas for healthy snacks keep fat and calories at bay and maximize whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Best of all, you can make them all in 10 minutes or less.

Some ideas include:

  • Toast one-half of a whole-wheat English muffin. Top with Canadian bacon, a tomato slice, and low-fat cheese. Microwave until the cheese melts.
  • Mash a half banana into peanut butter and spread on a whole-grain bagel. Be aware that large bagels can have up to 400 calories each, so choose a small — 2 ounce — bagel.
  • Mix cold leftover chicken or convenience-type chunk chicken with seedless grapes, sunflower seeds, plain yogurt and a dash of curry powder. Stuff into a hollowed-out green pepper or whole-wheat pita pocket.
  • Spread one-half of a small cinnamon-raisin bagel with part-skim ricotta cheese. Top with apple slices.
  • Layer soft mini corn or flour tortillas with shredded low-fat cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese. Microwave until the cheese melts. Slice into bite-size pie shapes.
  • Spread a brown rice cake with ricotta cheese and fresh strawberries or low-sugar, spreadable fruit. Or try spreading it with herbed goat cheese and sliced olives.
  • Top a baked potato with plain yogurt and Cajun seasoning. Don’t like spice? Top with cottage cheese.
  • Spread raisin toast with apple butter.  Serve with a string cheese stick.
  • Spread a slice of whole-grain crispbread (Wasa crispbread, Ry-Krisp, others) with fruit-flavored low-fat yogurt or 100 percent fruit jam.
  • 100% Whole Wheat crackers with mozzarella or low fat cheese
  • Make regular oatmeal in the microwave and top with dried fruit and skim milk.
  • Serve low fat graham crackers with peanut butter with a glass of milk, dried fruit mixed with sunflower seeds.
  • Make a sandwich of a whole wheat tortilla rolled around low-fat cheese, salsa and lettuce.
  • Baby carrots and dip in low fat salad dressing.
  • Pop popcorn and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
  • Blend nonfat yogurt and frozen mango chunks into a smoothie.
  • Peel bananas, wrap in plastic and freeze.
  • Berries, 1 tsp ground flaxseed and 1 cup plain yogurt.
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Award Winning Reduced Fat Cheeses

Ahhhh cheese. We love our cheese. The addition of cheese to a dish or simply served alongside a glass of wine is a pleasure. But it makes sense to cut back on our consumption or at least buy cheese that is reduced in fat since cheese is one of the biggest sources of harmful saturated fat in the U.S. diet.

I know many of you cheese lovers are skeptical that reduced fat cheeses CAN be delicious as their full-fat counterparts. So, I have compiled a list of some award-winning cheeses for all you turophiles.

Every year hundreds of cheese makers submit thousands of different products to the American Cheese Society (ACS) competition. The highest quality cheeses are given recognition. Here are the 2012 and 2013 winners in the reduced fat category.

Cabot Creamery, Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Cheddar

Fromagerie Le Détour, La Dame du Lac

Klondike Cheese Co., Low Fat Feta

Fromages CDA Inc., L’Empereur Léger

Klondike Cheese Co., Reduced Fat Feta

Emmi Roth, Roth Reduced Fat Havarti

Cabot Creamery, Cabot Jalapeno 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar

Woolwich Dairy, Dairy Fresh Chèvre – Big Kick Herb & Garlic

Coach Farm, Coach Farm Reduced Fat Fresh Goat Cheese with Pepper

Kraft Foods, Reduced Fat Extra Sharp Cheddar

Sorrento Lactalis, Reduced Fat String

Cabot Creamery, Cabot Jalapeno 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar

Lactalis U.S.A., Inc., Rondele Garlic & Herbs Light Spreadable Cheese

Coach Farm, Coach Farm Reduced Fat Fresh Goat Cheese with Pepper

Franklin Foods, Hahn’s Yogurt & Cream Cheese Strawberries N’ Cream

For a complete list of all winning cheeses visit http://www.cheesesociety.org/

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