Client Success Story: Caroline


Taken 8-3-17 12.4 pounds lost

Taken 8-3-17 12.4 pounds lost









Caroline is a busy professional and mother of three girls under the age of 8 who was discouraged because she felt she ate “so little” but was not seeing the “pounds decrease”.  And, she wanted to be as strong and healthy as possible to keep up with three children. She was looking for help losing the last 10 pounds and creating fitness and eating plans to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

We scheduled a series of nutrition consult sessions and weekly personal training sessions.

Look at her terrific progress in just 3 months. Note the significant body fat loss and inches. Success of a weight loss and exercise program is defined as achieving and maintaining a healthy BODY COMPOSITION not only WEIGHT LOSS. For more information about this, refer to my blog on body composition.

8-3-17 Progress

2 pounds, 9 inches and 5.6% Body Fat lost in 5 months! Not to mention, muscle gained. She began with the ability to only do 13 max pushups and now she can do 20!

8-10-17  Progress

Weight 146.6 pounds and 23.4% body fat. 13.8 pounds lost and counting!

Date 3-4-17 8-3-17  Change
Height 5’7
Weight 160.4 148 – 12 pounds
Age 45  na  na
Neck 13.5  13  .5
Arm 12.25 11.25 – 1.0
Forearm 10  9.5
Wrist 6.5
Waist 32.5 30 – 2.5
Abdomen 33 32.5 -2
Hips 40.25 38.5 -1.75
Thigh 23.25 22.5 -.75
Calf 15.5  15  – .5
Body Fat 29.4% 23.8% -5.6%
Pushups 13  20

Carolyn’s Review

I am constantly feeling incredibly lucky that I found Maria!  I am amazed with what I come away with in a one hour session!  Everything she does to help you reach your health and fitness goals is customized for you – there is no one size fits all.  Being an engineer, I appreciate that her strategies are rooted in science and that I get to load up on ‘data’ when I meet with her.  I’ve always been athletic but after a decade of having children I needed someone to help me get where I wanted to be and hold me accountable.

I THOUGHT I knew a lot about healthy eating and exercise but what I learned from Maria is that most of what you read and hear is garbage.  Her guidance has changed my entire family’s approach to diet – even my two year old who is my youngest of 3.  I am in better shape now than I was 20 years ago – my kids and family are amazed and everyone has asked me what I’m doing.  I’ve only been working with Maria for 3 months and the results – which I think she will post – are shocking!  Even more proof: I played golf for the first time in seven years a week ago and played better than I ever have, had no soreness or discomfort and had an easy time walking the course in 90 degree heat! Thank you Maria!