Dave’s Killer Bread

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We love Dave’s in our house. Have you tried it yet? It’s a must! Dave’s bread is an excellent way to eat healthy whole grains.

Dave’s Killer Bread company has “set out to create the ultimate healthy bread using the best organic ingredients available on the market”. And their efforts have been met with rave reviews from customers.

Dave’s Killer Bread varieties vary in the whole grains content. Their 21 Whole Grains bread variety for example has 21 grams of whole grains.

The Good Seed Spelt bread is the only bread in Dave’s line to carry the 100% Whole Grain Stamp. It contains a whopping 25 grams of whole grain. In contrast, the Good Seed bread bears the basic Stamp has only 13 grams.

How do I know this? I looked it up in the database of the many thousands of products that use the Whole Grain Stamp:


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