How To Minimize Holiday Weight Gain

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Photo credit Jennifer Pallian

The holiday season poses significant challenges to weight control and eating regulation for all of us and for those who are overweight, a higher degree of effort is required to manage their weight in the long term.

Several studies have found that those who gained weight over the holidays were far less likely to ever lose the weight. So paying attention to exercise and eating behaviors will pay off.
However, you can do what those who have a history of successful weight loss do to maintain or even lose weight during the holiday season. (defined by: lost a mean of 76 pounds and had kept ≥29 pounds off for a mean of 5.9 years)
Compared to Unsuccessful Losers, Successful losers:
  • Make specific preholiday plans to control their eating and
  • Maintain greater exercise,
  • Pay greater attention to weight and eating,
  • Have greater stimulus control,
  • Keep a food journal,
  • Practice greater dietary restraint during the holidays,
  • Eat a healthy breakfast,
  • Weigh themselves weekly.
In general, successful losers give greater overall attention to weight, exercise and eating during the holiday season.