Summer Iceland Packing List

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This is a summer Iceland packing list. June, July and August are the “official summer months” but May and September can also be quite nice.

This packing list is for those planning on renting a car, driving the country, staying in hotels, visiting waterfalls, hiking, horse backing riding, taking photos, visiting geothermals and a night in Reykjavik. Use this as a starting point and adjust your pack list according to your planned activities, needs and itinerary.

The first thing you need to know about packing for Iceland is how to dress in layers so you are comfortable in the changing weather.

How to Layer for Cold Weather

Base Layer (Moisture Manage) + Mid Layer (Insulation) + Outer Layer (Rain & Wind Protection)

Base layer: long or short T-shirt

Mid Layer: a long-sleeved shirt, sweater, down, or fleece

Outer Layer: a waterproof jacket.

No cotton.




Warm jacket with synthetic insulation and preferably water proof/resistant.

This super lightweight jacket can be worn as an outer jacket at around 20 Fahrenheit. If you need extra warmth, wear it as a mid layer. Order a size up.

Waterproof/breathable rain jacket. This one for women is a top ranking hooded jacket that is lightweight and packs into the size of your hand. And this North Face lightweight breathable and windproof jacket hooded one for men.

Or this Marmot jacket one is a best seller on Amazon.

This is a highly rated Boy’s Rain Suit Jacket and Pant.

Breathable Hiking Pants. This pair is a top ranking Amazon pant for men. And I personally own this women’s Prana hiking pant and love!

Another highly rated pair, the Men’s Outdoor Research Ferrosi is an excellent pant for year round hiking.

Or the Prana Zion. The Zion has features of a traditional hiking pants. like snap buttons on the lower legs that enable you to roll the cuffs up. My son loves this one and wears a similar style the Brion instead of jeans.

Hiking Pants that are Waterproof/breathable/windproof. Black Diamond Men’s

Base Layer short sleeve shirts. I like these for women.  These are awesome for men.

Base Layer Long sleeve shirts This is top ranked for men. They recommend ordering a size up. And this one for women.

Midweight base layer long underwear top and bottom. This long underwear base for women.    These for men.  And this is an awesome midweight hoody for men. And I am having “gear envy” over this one for women.

Down Jacket, I like the down “sweater” style like this one for women or like this one for men. 

Down Vest, like this one for men or this one for women

Fleece Jacket. This one is Ranked #1 for women on Amazon and this for men.

Jeans, 1 pair for Reykjavík  The style is casual in Reykjavik!

Warm Sweater, for Reyjavik

Warm leggings, women. These are water resistant, fleece lined, thermal,  zippered pocket 

Bathing suit for hot springs. This one is perfect, a dark color, athletic, built in shelf bra and is super flattering and is ranked #1 in bathing suits.

Light Robe for hot springs. I like this lightweight one that comes in multiple colors.

Warm Pajamas

Lightweight Gloves, these rank #1 on Amazon and have a touchpad finger

Warm Gloves These are ranked #1 on Amazon and are waterproof. These are waterproof and have touchscreen fingers

Warm hat

Scarf You may consider this Buff Multi Function Scarf wearable in 12 ways

Baseball hat

Wool or synthetic (not cotton) socks for boots like these

Undies (‘quick dry’ are convenient so that you can handwash in the hotel sink and they will dry overnight) Here are women’s and here are men’s. Sink laundry soap here.

Socks for tennis shoes. I like these low ones for men and these for men and women.

Hiking boot socks  These for men or these for women.


Sunglasses and case


Waterproof slip-resistant or hiking boots. For women or these for men.

Flip flops for hot springs. I like these Crocs

Tennis shoes or boots for town

Nice shoes for night out in Reykavich


Bag to put wet swimsuit in

Umbrella I like this one because it is windproof (and the wind in Iceland can be strong! It also is available in clear so you have better visibility)

Travel Size Sink Laundry Detergent

Travel Pillow  This one OR this one

Travel towel

Camera and accessories

Camera Bag waterproof

DayPack. This one has an adjustable torso for custom fit and an integrated raincover to protect your gear, this is one of my favorites.

Sleep eye mask

Collapsible Waterbottle

Thermos 20 ounce thermos

Lightweight Travel Mug to make instant oatmeal in your room or use for your coffee

European electrical adaptor socket

Electric Converter

Portable charger for phone and computer in room

Car charger for phone and other devices. Use this one for multiple device charge capability

Laundry bag

Various sizes ziplock bags and large plastic bags for miscellaneous

Clothesline and clothespins for the hotel room or the car

Binoculars  These are lightweight, waterproof with smartphone adapter

Hot Hands Hand Warmers

If you will be grocery shopping bring reusable grocery bags. You have to pay individually for plastic bags and you can tell it’s not the “norm” to get bags.



Drivers License

Confirmation of lodging

Insurance, Medical and Trip/Travel


Credit cards

Guide book.   Lonely Planet or  Rick Steves

Iceland Travel Journal

Map National Geo

Paper and pens



Passport (have original one here and a copy in suitcase)

Photo ID

Travel Itinerary

Airline tickets

Cancellation insurance/baggage stubs/medical insurance info

Emergency travel contact phone numbers

Car and house keys (put in a zipped pocket)

Car parking claim checks

Wallet (leave items at home that you know you won’t need)

Credit cards; ATM Debit card, long-distance card; driver’s license, health insurance card, travel insurance papers, etc.


Foreign currency

Lip balm

Candy and/or gum


Band aids for blisters

Small waterless hand sanitizer or wipes

Prescription glasses

Sunglasses (sunglass strap)


Luggage receipt

Any Required medical/dental items

Refillable Water bottle




Magazines or other reading material

Pen and Paper

Business cards

Headphones for plane

IPod and Earphones

TOILETRIES In a quart Ziplock

 Facial cleanser Soap

 Hand lotion

 Face moisturizer

 Face SPF

 Small bar of soap

 Shampoo & conditioner (To protect your hair, use a generous amount of conditioner and leave on your hear before going in geothermals)

 Sun screen

 Hair gel

 Hair spray

 Deodorant

 Toothpaste

 Toothbrush, & floss

 Hair brush, comb, hair clips, pony tail holder

 Q-tips

 Razor

 Nail file; nail clippers; tweezers

 Baby Wipes in a zip lock

 Prescriptions in original containers

 Vitamins

 Hair dryer and flat iron


 Advil

 Peppermint tea or peppermint candies for nausea

 Pseudofed, Sinus/allergy medication

 Cough drops

 Tums

 Imodium (anti-diarrhea medication)

 Topical antibiotic

 Band-Aids

Blister Bandages