Sweet Chili Sauce Brussels Sprouts

These are so delicious that I have personally eaten 4 pounds of these in one week! A little sweet, a little spicy, these are addictive! Add a little squirt of Sriracha to the sauce to add more heat if you’d like. 


2 pounds brussels sprouts, stem trimmed (not too deeply or the leaves will fall off) and halved
3 tablespoons olive or canola oil
3 garlic cloves, finely minced
1 Tbls fish sauce or soy sauce
¼ cup sweet chili sauce


Heat the oven to 400 F. Line a baking sheet with foil.

As you stem and halve the Brussels sprouts, toss them into a medium sized bowl. Add the oil and toss the Brussels sprouts to coat evenly. Pour them onto a baking sheet lined with foil. In the same bowl, whisk together the garlic, fish or soy sauce and the sweet chili sauce and set aside.

When the oven is hot, put the baking sheet into the oven and roast in the oven for 15 minutes, tossing them halfway so they cook evenly. Remove Brussels sprouts from the oven and turn oven broiler onto high, with the oven rack positioned in the top third of the oven.

Place the Brussels sprouts into the bowl with the sauce and toss to coat evenly. Put them back onto the baking sheet and broil the Brussels sprouts for 5 minutes or until the chili sauce is bubbling and caramelizing. Watch them carefully so they don’t burn! Remove from the oven and serve immediately.


Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

2 Portobello mushrooms

2 Tbs canola or olive oil

2 Tbs balsalmic vinegar

3 cloves garlic minced

1/4 tsp salt

Clean mushrooms. In a large Ziploc bag, combine, oil, vinegar, garlic and salt. Seal and shake to mix. Put mushrooms in the bag, toss gently and marinate for an hour.

Remove the mushrooms from the bag and place on a piece of foil and then place foil on a baking sheet. Either grill for about 10 minutes (put foil on the grill) or bake in the oven (put baking sheet in the oven) for 10 minutes. Serve immediately while warm.



Maria Faires’s Roasted Balsamic Honey Glazed Brussels Sprouts

6424722339_4f5faa528c_z16 ounces Brussels Sprouts (yield 3.5 cups)

3 Tbs Extra virgin olive oil or Trader Joe’s Garlic Flavored Oil

½ tsp kosher salt

3 Tbls Balsamic vinegar

2 tsp honey

Wash and dry the Brussels sprouts. Let dry several hours.

Cut off the brown ends of the Brussels sprouts and pull off any yellow outer leaves. Cut them in half lengthwise. Mix them in a large bowl with the oil and salt.  Put Brussels sprouts onto a foil lined baking sheet in a single layer. Heat oven to 425. In original large bowl, mix balsamic vinegar and honey. Place baking sheet in oven. Roast for 17 minutes.

Remove from oven and pour Brussels sprouts into the large bowl and toss with vinegar honey mixture. Return sprouts back to baking sheet, place in the oven and roast another 5 minutes or until caramelized.

This serves 3.