Soft Foods That Do Not Require Chewing

At 57 years old, I got braces on my lower teeth and Invisalign on my upper teeth to correct a deep bite. After the braces were put on I realized I couldn’t bring my molars together to chew food.

I decided to use my training as a dietitian to experiment with foods and meals that I could enjoy and then share this with others who have had the same type of orthodontic correction or have had their teeth removed prior to getting dentures or have some other dental condition in which they cannot macerate their food with their teeth.

The first two days I found it easiest to drink smoothies and eat yogurts. After that, I started experimenting with various textures and sizes of chunks of food that I could manage to eat and enjoy. Here I share with you the foods that I was able to chew and enjoy.



Refried Beans




Cranberry Sauce, Canned

Fruit juice


Peeled Peach

Canned Mandarin Oranges

Fresh Mango

Roasted or Steamed Cauliflower Topped With Parmesan

Vitamin A Muffin


Soft Raised Glazed Doughnut as a treat

Red Lentil Soup With Grated Carrot



Patak’s Mango Curry Simmer Sauce With Tofu

Sous Vide Eggs With Bacon

Cooked quinoa topped with tablespoons of skim ricotta, chopped spinach, meatballs and red sauce then heated in the microwave.

Mashed Black Beans With Salsa Topped With Cheese And Avocado

Bean Soup blended with an emulsion blender and cooked quinoa added.

Red Lentil soup blended with an emulsion blender and garnished with fresh avocado.

Ricotta Cheese Raspberry Mug Cake

Tapioca Pudding Topped With Raspberries

Cottage Cheese With Strawberry Jam

Ripe Pear and Yogurt or cottage cheese

Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Scrambled Egg With Finely Chopped Spinach

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Chickpea Avocado Mash

Egg Salad

Cornmeal Mush

Cornbread warmed with milk and sugar


Top Ramen With Firm Drained Tofu Plus Soy Sauce

Sweet Potatoes, cut into 1/2 inch rounds, tossed in olive oil and baked til tender.

Peanut Butter On Soft Whole Wheat Bread and Milk to drink

Salmon With Pesto

Inside Of Baked Potato, Cheddar Cheese, Cottage Cheese. No Skin

Mashed Potatoes


Soft Cake With Frosting



Soft Cheesecake

Au Gratin Potatoes

Egg Fried

Ricotta Raspberries Microwave Cake

Lasagna Except For The Cheese Top

Soft Moist Meatballs With Red Meat Sauce Tofu With Red Sauce

Cooked quinoa topped with tablespoons of skim ricotta, chopped spinach, meatballs and red sauce then heated in the microwave

Mocha Coffee Recipe: Add 1 scoop of this chocolate protein powder to hot coffee and  stir. Add additional skim milk if desired.



Shoulder Surgery: The Essential Shopping List for Comfortable Recovery

Having your arm in a sling can make it hard to get dressed, sleep at night, or even just be comfortable throughout the day. Any of these conditions can limit how you get through the day!

✔️ Broken Arm

✔️ Fractured Bone

✔️ Subluxation

✔️ Post Surgery Recovery

✔️ Rotator Cuff Injury

✔️ Shoulder Dislocation

✔️ Arm Immobilization

Having shoulder surgery or a shoulder injury means being without the use of an arm for several weeks. Preparing ahead of time can make life easier. After having rotator cuff surgery, I discovered the products that make my one-armed life easier. I have put together a list for you of items you might consider. To save you time and effort, I researched the best products on selected Amazon Choice or Top Sellers where I could.

Here are some recommended products that will make your life easier.


Foaming Shower Soap is easy to rinse quickly.

Long Handled Shower Brush to wash hard to reach areas.

This shirt for ladies has been my favorite comfortable, functional and attractive top.

I kept this table beside stocked with meds, snacks, water, pen, and paper. It slid easily under my bed so I could get some work or reading done using the tilting table.

I used this cane to work out tight areas in my back and shoulders.

I happened to have had this travel pillow before surgery and am so glad I did. It contorts into different shapes defending on where I needed it.

My physical therapist uses these ice packs. It is flexible and you can conform it around your shoulder. Put it inside a pillow case before use. Choose the large or smaller size.

This one is larger so use this if you are over 170 pounds.

This is smaller. Select this if you are less than 170 pounds.

Keep these snacks handy to eat when you take your medication. They do not need refrigeration so they are perfect for keeping on your bedside table for middle of the night meds.

Use Aquaphor to prevent scarring. The first line of defense is to keep the wound clean, moist, and covered in the early days and weeks of healing. Keep the wound hydrated with Aquaphor, as this promotes faster healing. Apply three times daily for 1 to 3 weeks to maintain wound bed moisture.

The sling I was sent home with from the hospital was crummy. This one is so much better. the first one has a waist belt, the second does not. The third an abduction pad. Ask your doctor which one is best for you and the surgery you had.

My doctor wanted me to take a combo of Oxycodone, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen  after my rotator cuff surgery. This a great price for Ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

ladies! It is difficult to shave your legs with only one arm but easy to do with an epilator. I have been using one for years and love mine.


Video: TRX Full Body Workout

TRX Workout Video


Single Arm Power Pull


Hamstring Curl



Back Row

Chest Press



Hip Abduction


Biceps Curl

Triceps Press


Low Back Extension

Side plank     Advanced: With double knee tuck


Fall Out



Hip Flexor/Pec Stretch

For another workout go to this blog.