Is Raw Sugar Healthier than White Table Sugar?

20160501_16450620160501_164638Sugar in the Raw: The brown packets, the golden crystals and the name “raw” give the impression that this Turbinado sugar is somehow healthier than white granulated sugar.

But is it really?

Do not let the name or packaging deceive you… this is just sugar. Raw turbinado and white table sugar are calorically identical and are the same chemical composition. Both are 99% sucrose.

And even though Turbinado sugar does contain a bit of molasses that provides iron, potassium and calcium, it contains them in tiny amounts, not enough to offer a health advantage over white sugar. In fact, you’d need to eat 8 ½ cups of raw sugar to get the iron in a cup of cooked spinach, 7 cups to get the potassium in a banana and 13 cups to get the calcium in ¾ cup yogurt.


How about Organic Raw Sugar? Even if its “organic”, it is still sugar.


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