Maria’s Sailboat Travel Workout

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We have a sailboat in the San Juan Islands in Washington and when we are on it I like to keep up with my workout. The workout below is a simple workout that I can do on the sailboat, at the dock or on shore with minimal equipment. I keep a set of exercise bands on the boat and pull out two paper plates. I’ve recently added a foot and leg stretching strap to my equipment collection. It has a heel cradle that allows for a comfortable fit into the strap and is ideal for stretching my foot, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and inner and outer thighs.

Even if you are not boating, this makes a nice workout for travel!

My workout travel bag ready to be packed for a weeklong sailing trip.




I also take my TRX with me for an even more intense body sculpting session. At our sailing destination I look for a spot to anchor it, on a tree, playground equipment or post and enjoy the change of scenery for my workout. See my blog post here for a complete demonstrated TRX workout. And see this post for a workout with links to video demonstrations.

I use all the items above when I travel. The Intey Pullup Loop Bands are great resistance for a variety of exercises to work arms, legs, back and glutes.

And the Black Mountain is a gym in a bag! It has bands of various tensions, a door anchor, handles, an ankle strap and an instruction booklet. For a complete workout using these bands go to this post.

Using the foot stretch strap to stretch my hamstrings.










Body Weight, Loop Band and Paper Plate Sailboat Travel Workout

Jumping Jacks

Shoulder Circles

Leg Swings


Crab Reach or Crab Toe Touches

Fire Hydrants

Mt. Climbers

Bridge with Reach

Split Stance Kneeling Adductor

Thoracic Rotations, quadruped

Frog Jumps

Bulgarian Split Squat

Golfer’s Rotation Pushup

Lunges with paper plates or Front Squat holding a dog or 20# object

Pushups with paper plates

Half Kneeling Dowel Twist

8 High Knee Jump to Jump tuck

Bridge Glute

Hamstrings with paper plates

Low ab March

Reach Roll and Lift

One Leg Squat Touchdown

Side Plank or side plank leg lift

Band 3 way leg lift using the loop bands or band with ankle strap


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