Maria Faires, RD - Personal Trainer & Registered Dietitian

As the owner of Active Nutrition, my fitness and consulting private practice, I provide highly personalized nutrition services, weight loss, personal training, pre and post-rehab in my private studio and offer remote services for those not in my area.

COVID UPDATE: My studio is a private studio, a personal services studio, a boutique studio that is by appointment only. I have instituted all measures as outlined by the CDC for COVID prevention and sanitization protocol. Clients are screened before even being "invited" to be here and screened at entry. Only one client is allowed in the studio at a time. Appointments are spaced out throughout the day. In addition 2 walls and a door are open for maximum ventilation. My client's safety is important to me. 

I am proud to have the unique distinction of being a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian and Certified Medical Exercise Specialist with over 25 years in the Health and Fitness Industry.

With this trio of credentials and years of experience, I can offer my clients programs and life changing solutions that yield long lasting, permanent results which go far beyond the typical “personal training” experience.

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My broad experience enables me to offer clients exponentially greater benefits and results because:

  • I design exercise programs for clients and help them achieve their health, fitness, and performance goals. 

  • I am specially trained to help clients and athletes prevent injuries, reduce movement deficiencies, improve muscle imbalances, and maximize results by creating safe, individualized training programs by identifying dysfunctions, developing a plan of action, and implementing corrective exercise solutions.

  • As a licensed nutrition professional, I am qualified to provide detailed, scientifically based nutrition counseling and/or weight loss programs which is beyond the scope of a trainer’s job. I am able to translate nutrition science into practical and applicable ways. It is my role to separate fact and fiction and give people the tools to make realistic eating behavior changes and help the public sort out real, science-based findings from bogus nutrition ‘hype’.

Based in Sammamish, Washington, a short drive from Seattle, I have had experience as a Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist and Lead Trainer for several health clubs; as a Nutrition Educator and Weight Loss Program Director for Group Health; Director of Clinical Nutrition and Food Services for a medical facility; and as Nutrition Specialist for NutriSystem Weight Loss Clinic. I have been in private practice for 29 years.

Within the Issaquah, Klahanie, Sammamish and entire Seattle community, I have become a highly regarded medical expert on issues such as nutrition, weight loss and weight management, fitness and proactive wellness.  My focus on delivering credible, scientifically-based nutrition and fitness information is a popular interest by individuals and corporations, making me a sought-after expert source for speaking engagements. I am also a freelance writer and write for online publications as well as my blog.

My clients are diverse: Busy professionals, grandparents, celebrities, nationally ranked tennis players, frail elders, rock stars, teen soccer players, elite cyclists, marathoners and models. I work with people of all ages from 10 to 92 with all levels of experience and ability. Their individual concerns are unique as well. I have clients with issues ranging from strength, mobility, sports-specific needs, injury rehab, injury prevention, overall health and well-being, back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and more. No two clients are alike and no two clients are treated identically.

To further enhance the client experience, I have developed specialty cutting-edge services:  Fitness hikes, Mt. Rainier snowfield hikes, overnight mountain climbs, grocery store tours, pantry makeovers, special needs and post-rehab training, youth and senior training, and medical nutrition therapy; all designed to improve individuals’ quality of life to help them achieve optimal health and enjoy their fitness.

Fitness is my professional and personal passion. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and alpine mountaineering. I have summited several major peaks in the Pacific Northwest including Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Mt. Olympus, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams. I have been a Boy Scout volunteer for my two sons’ troop, and have planned and implemented most of the troop’s high outdoor adventures, including mountaineering and backpacking outings.

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