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Personal Training

Personal Trainer - Maria Faires, RDTrain smarter and more efficiently with a master trainer who will provide all the tools you need for  motivation, accountability and personal instruction. Train right and you will quickly see the long lasting results you’ve only dreamed about but had difficulty attaining.

Weight Loss

Lose weight in a healthy manner for long-term, lasting results with scientifically backed strategies. Maria’s program involves a lifestyle change focusing on regular exercise, portion control, healthy cooking and dining out, and the patterns of behavior that have led to weight gain so you can look towards a permanent loss of weight.

Remote Training & Counseling

When location prohibits a face to face meeting, remote training, nutrition and weight loss coaching with Maria gives you access to one of the country's leading fitness and nutrition experts. Wherever you live, I can help!

Nutrition Counseling

Many medical conditions require changes in your diet. Maria can help you understand your special diet and how to live with it.  Nutrition plays a key role in your overall wellness and emotional state. The right nutrition is a life changer and goes well beyond just looking good.

Pre and Post Rehabilitation Fitness

Preventative and post-rehabilitative fitness programs for those recovering from a variety of injuries, or medical conditions from someone with in-depth knowledge of the appropriate type of activity that will most benefit you, taking your limitations into consideration.

Mountain Climb Training

Training to climb a mountain is no easy task. Prepare properly for the climb of your life with mountaineering specific programs designed by a fitness expert with years of mountaineering experience.


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August 21, 2019

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July 23, 2019

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July 20, 2019

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June 24, 2019

Arugula, Beet, Walnut and Goat Cheese Salad
June 2, 2019

Charred & Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Honey Thyme Glaze
May 29, 2019


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