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Maria's one-on-one training, in a private, professional and comfortable environment, means that you receive a customized fitness routine under the guidance of a master professional trainer. These individualized sessions mean that your time is maximized, thereby enabling you to achieve results more quickly and safely. As a fitness expert with unparalleled credentials, Maria designs every single workout and provides the personal attention; extra motivation; support and accountability that will help you achieve optimal performance based on your own goals and abilities. Maria designs workouts with a balanced approach that addresses the aerobic, strength and flexibility components of the exercise program. Additionally, throughout the training sessions, you are educated about the fundamentals of these components, as well as the proper and safe execution of exercises.

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Maria's Smart Approach to Training

By working smarter and therefore more efficiently you'll quickly see the long lasting results you've only dreamed about. Maria is a highly educated, experienced certified trainer who will guide and teach you cutting edge fitness and nutrition techniques. Maria leads the industry in the development of innovative and unique exercise programming. Maria provides custom plans based on your age, capability, medical history, previous fitness regimen, access to exercise equipment, and personal time schedule.

Training Method

Maria’s services are designed to help individuals achieve their utmost potential and maintain that level for the longest period of time. Her programs utilize a variety of traditional strength and functional methods to develop both strength and coordination, to decrease your risk for injury and enhance your performance. Her goal is to maximize your workouts, and keep you moving one step closer to your goal, every workout. Her workouts are dynamic, educational, safe, and most importantly, productive. She incorporates techniques and benefits found in bodybuilding, yoga, balance training, mobility training, functional training, power lifting, sport specific training, and more. That is why she has successfully designed programs for people of all body types and abilities, making them fun, efficient, challenging, and capable of producing the results they expect and deserve!

A Personal Training Program As Unique As You Are

What makes Maria’s programs so effective is that your program is completely customized to you. To your unique body type. Your specific problem areas and goals. And since it’s customized to your exact needs, you don’t waste time doing things that won’t work for you. You will be making your efforts pay off. Right from the start you take only those steps that are right for you, so you quickly get the results you’ve always wanted. So you can look how you want to look. Feel how you want to feel. Faster than you ever thought possible. In fact, if you do this program, it’s virtually impossible to fail! Maria’s ability to tailor programs makes her a much sought after specialist by a variety of clientele--from the beginner to elite athlete. Her experience in program design will ensure a safe, effective, and practical exercise program working within your limitations and promoting maximum safety.

Maximize your Time

Whatever your goal, Maria believes in maximizing the time you have in the gym. She is an expert in designing programs to maximize your efforts and burn more body fat in less time and teaching you how to best make the most of every minute by utilizing a technique she calls Active Recovery which keeps you moving and maximizes your caloric expenditure.

Progress and Motivation

Maria watches your progress and keeps you motivated! She will monitor your progress along the way, while simultaneously setting long and short-term achievable goals. As you see your progress, your motivation and confidence will grow.

Injury Prevention

As an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, Maria understands the physiology of injury prevention and teaches you how to maximize the safety of your workouts. And if you need post-rehab or have special needs, Maria offers the professional experience, knowledge and credentials to create and implement programs for people suffering from chronic conditions and diseases.

Fulfilling Your Dreams

What is your fitness dream? Would you like to run a marathon? Have you ever dreamed of windsurfing in Hawaii? What about climbing a mountain? Or simply going up the stairs with ease? Let Maria take you from your state of fitness now to the level of physical ability necessary for you to achieve any of your fitness goals! With Maria, clients adopt gradual, realistic changes into their lives that make healthier activity a permanent pleasure.

Maria Sets the Standard in Fitness Assessment and Tracking Results

You will begin by going through a complete fitness assessment. Maria will objectively measure every parameter of your fitness level. The results from the assessment determine capabilities and help establish a starting point. The initial interview and tests will govern the type of exercise, equipment, and level of intensity that are used. Once you and Maria are armed with knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses she can customize your workouts. Another important focus of an assessment is on minimizing potential health risks. Obtaining a health history is often the most important part of the process. It not only allows Maria to gain information about you but also allows Maria to focus on high-risk areas and develop tailored recommendations. The assessment will be repeated after you have been participating regularly in your personal training and nutrition program periodically. These objective numbers are used to monitor your progress.

Your Comprehensive Fitness Assessment and first session may include:

  • Questionnaire About Your Medical History, Exercise And Lifestyle
  • Body Fat Measurement
  • Circumference Measurements
  • A VO2 Max Test to determine your cardiovascular fitness
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Resting Pulse Rate
  • Flexibility Tests
  • Muscular Strength And Endurance Tests
  • Waist To Hip Ratio
  • Body Mass Index
  • Osteoporosis Risk Factors
  • Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • Nutrition Needs
  • Discussion of your fitness goals and nutritional needs
  • Discussion of how those goals and needs will best be met

Subsequent sessions concentrate on the workout that has been created specifically for you. She'll stay with you every step of the way – demonstrating movements, inspiring you, answering your questions, monitoring your progress, and adjusting your workout as your needs change and your abilities grow!

Workout Program Components

Maria designs workouts with a balanced approach that addresses the cardiovascular, strength and flexibility components of the exercise program. Additionally, throughout the training sessions, you are educated about the fundamentals of these components, as well as the proper and safe execution of exercises.

Strength Training

Strength Training is essential to your fitness and health. Starting around the age of 25, your metabolism begins to decline by about 5% every decade, and your body slowly replaces muscle with fat. That translates to an increase of fifteen pounds of fat and a loss of five pounds of muscle every decade. But with a properly designed strength training program you can regain this lost muscle, increase the number of calories your body needs as well as tone and strengthen your body. Strength training's many benefits include: reduction of body fat, lower blood pressure, prevention of muscle weakness, improved posture, strengthening of skeletal muscles, stress reduction, improved metabolism (burn more calories even at rest), and improved physical appearance through muscle toning and definition.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise improves the ability of your heart, lungs and arteries to deliver oxygen to working muscles. By increasing your level of cardiovascular fitness you can increase the rate that your body burns calories. Cardiovascular training is the tool to rid your body of unhealthy body fat. You must burn it off with consistent cardiovascular workouts.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training will prevent injuries by keeping muscles supple. Additionally, stretching increases range of motion, improves posture, and promotes mental relaxation.

Don't Wait for Tomorrow, Start Today!

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