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More than just a personal trainer, Maria is a nutrition, exercise, diet and weight loss professional with the experience and knowledge to help you reach your fitness goals and maximize your results through a unified process of weight management, nutrition, diet and exercise.

Through her guidance, clients not only achieve their fitness goals but also develop sustainable, lifelong habits for optimal well-being. Maria's commitment to health and her ability to inspire positive change make her a trusted resource for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. 

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1-on-1 Personal Training

This option is for someone who is getting started with exercise and wants a comprehensive cardiovascular and strength training program. Or for someone advancing beyond their current training program and / or wanting to explore new, innovative, effective exercise and workout options.

The training program is designed specifically for you. It includes direction on type of exercise move, technique instruction, resistance size, frequency, number of reps, number of sets, and rest time. Program includes upper body workout, lower body workout and abdominal exercises.

The custom cardiovascular training program includes direction on exercise type, frequency and duration.

You'll come away with a personalized plan - you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals outside your one-on-one sessions.

Personal Training with a Friend

You can workout along with a friend or family member. The camaraderie you get from working out with someone else makes exercising fun. It can also save you money. Maria suggests signing up for a minimum of ten sessions and scheduling two to three sessions per week. For ongoing Elite Group sessions, Maria suggests signing up for a minimum of twenty sessions and scheduling 2-4 sessions per week.

Elite Personal Training

Take it to the next level! This program is for someone who wants Maria to take them through an inspiring workout on a regular basis. Studies have proven that those who work out with a fitness professional perform better.

Maria is an expert in varying your workout at every meeting. As a result, you won’t get bored and you won't experience repetitive stress injuries. Your body can never get used to your routine (and stop changing) because you’ll be doing a variety of exercise. You’ll be challenged by new and innovative effective exercise techniques. It is suggested that you sign up for a minimum of twenty five sessions and scheduling 1-4 sessions per week.

Training for those with Illness or Injuries

Maria holds an advanced degree called the Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist Certification that allows her to safely and effectively design, implement and manage exercise and appropriate lifestyle programs for individuals with special needs. Click here to see more information on these types of programs.

Sport Specific Training

This training program will improve your athletic performance through proper conditioning for your favorite sport. Sport Specific Training is not a type of training which teaches you how to play your sport better, but instructional training that teaches you how to condition your body to perform at an optimal level to improve your sport performance by incorporating plyometrics, interval training, balance and stabilization into your program. Sports Specific Training will help enhance your performance by focusing on movements specific to certain sports.

Not only will you benefit from the use of strength and conditioning techniques, but you will also learn how to prevent injury through safe and effective training. Injury prevention, along with optimal athletic performance, results from flexibility, stability, proper recovery, nutrition, and preventative preparation called "Prehab".

Youth Training Programs

Children can begin to train with weights as soon as they are able to follow directions-usually around the age of eight. Children benefit from a structured fitness program but should be taught proper technique and safety or they are more likely to get injured and suffer lifelong consequences from that injury.

All of the major fitness and medical organizations recommend strength training for youth, assuming that basic guidelines are adhered to and that appropriate leadership is present. Maria has advanced training for working with children, knows the latest research guidelines and has experience working with children, including her own.

Senior Training

Maria loves working with seniors! Programs for seniors are designed to help you stay active and healthy longer.

Seniors need extra special attention. Maria will evaluate current fitness and health history to design the ideal program based on your assessment. Training includes a concentration on strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular training, maintaining and improving bone density and quality of daily activity. You are never too old to get in shape!

Remote Virtual Coach

Are you too far away from the Seattle area to experience a 1-on-1 personal training session firsthand? Committed to an exercise and diet routine you follow diligently but aren't getting the results you want? Do you need someone to give you that little nudge of encouragement from time to time?

Whether you're just beginning to get back in shape or have made being healthy and fit a lifelong pursuit, everybody needs support and guidance from time to time. 1-on-1 Remote Motivation Coaching service is designed with you in mind. It's the next best thing to having a 1-on-1 trainer right by your side. Maria will work with you over the telephone and virtually to customize a plan that will help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Maternity Programs

Current research shows that women who continue to exercise regularly throughout their pregnancies are less likely to need medical intervention during labor and delivery, gain less fat and heal more quickly.

Furthermore, you'll need the increased stamina that consistent exercise promotes to handle the demands of dealing with your new bundle of joy. Maria will guide you through safe and gentle exercise routines designed around your changing physique and special needs. Maria can also design a workout for you to get you back in shape after your baby is born.

Fitness or Nutrition Talks

Are you searching for a speaker who presents in a lively and informative fashion? Invite Maria to speak at your organization’s meeting about health and fitness topics that will surely stimulate and inspire your friends and colleagues. Each seminar and workshop is tailored to address the audience's specific needs.

Grocery Store Tours

Healthy Groceries

What you eat makes a difference in the way your body looks and feels. And success starts at the supermarket. The tour makes staying lean and eating right an easy task to perform. Being pointed in the right direction will take all the guesswork out of the numerous food choices found at your favorite market.

You will receive a detailed grocery list of healthy and delicious food products. You’ll also learn how to read a food label so you can choose the healthiest products. This gives you the information you need to buy the healthiest and best tasting foods for yourself and your family.

Fitness Hikes

Personal Training is not limited to workouts in the gym, weightlifting and strength training.  Maria also offers a wide array of outdoor fitness activities.

Please visit our complete Hikes, Walks & Climbs section for more personal training and fitness options.

Personal Training Fees

Personal training sessions are normally bought in 10-25 session series. Please contact Maria for information on the fees and services that meet your needs and a free consultation.

Not sure if personal training is for you?  Maria offers a complimentary thirty minute phone or in-gym consultation to help you decide. Just call to schedule an appointment so you can see what she’s really about.

Invest in your well-being.

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