What Makes Maria Different

Unmatched industry credibility! The most important thing you want is accuracy and believability. Not fads, myths or phony miracles. Maria’s wealth of education and experience is unrivaled in the industry.

She is a Registered Dietitian! Most trainers do not have this 4 year nutrition expert credential. Maria is an RD and can offer science-based dietary advice for optimal results. 

She will bring you the newest, smartest and easiest ways to improve every facet of your fitness, health and body!  Like many, you are busy and certainly don’t want to waste your time.  Maria maximizes your time and makes sure the time you spend working on your health pays off in quick personal benefits.

Her approach is an integrated approach: By addressing both the "what" (nutrition) and "how" (exercise) aspects of health, you're more likely to achieve sustainable results and long-term lifestyle changes. While working with Maria you will learn how a balanced diet can enhance your physical training and set you on a course towards lifelong health. 

Tons of useful stuff! Every session with Maria is packed with actionable science-based information on what will make the most difference for feeling great, looking great and performing your best.

Endless motivation! Clients often say that the biggest value they get from working with Maria is the big motivational “kick” they get from every session.  Keeping that level motivation high and constant is the biggest single factor for success.

And hey, it’s fun! Maria is full of energy and enthusiasm for the process of getting healthier and her passion is contagious. You will leave a session with her with a smile on your face and an extra jump in your stride!

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