TRX Workout for a Strong and Sculpted Body

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Training your Core Muscles for Reflexive Control of Movement

Here are some effective exercises to train your core muscles for stability: Chop:  To see a video demonstration of the chop exercise go here. Dying Bug with Ball: To see a video demonstration of the Dying Bug with Ball exercise go here. This is an advanced exercise. If you are a beginner, I suggest starting ...

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Exercise Helps Treat Diabetes

Get moving to lower blood sugar. Many studies have documented that exercise helps in treating diabetes because daily exercise enhances insulin sensitivity. (Remember that decreased insulin sensitivity is a hallmark of type 2 diabetes.) Here are a few examples: All forms of exercise aerobic and strength training have b ...

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Get Results By Varying Your Exercises

Want the best results from your workout? Vary your workouts by changing exercises. Variety challenges your muscles and forces them to change! I have created videos of some of my favorite exercises videos on my YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/MyActiveNutrition   And, to stay up ...

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Video: TRX Full Body Workout

Order the TRX all-in-one set from Amazon if you want to attach your TRX to a door in your home or hang it from something sturdy like a piece of heavy-duty playground equipment or a tree. If you'd like to attach it to a beam or stud in your home, order the X-Mount. Do this TRX workout as a superset. After a ...

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The Scorpion Core Exercise

The scorpion is a challenging, comprehensive core exercise designed to develop a stronger core, increase power, speed, strength, flexibility, mobility and prevent injury. It is an advanced version of the plank exercise that adds two significant challenges: controlling rotational forces while stabilizing with your shoulde ...

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Train Your Body to Move and Stabilize in All Directions

Split-Stance Low Cable Row Outside the gym in your everyday life you twist, you turn, you bend. You move in all directions: forward, backward, side to side and rotationally. A common mistake that many gym-goers make is in not training their body to move and stabilize in all directions.This can lead to injury. A short le ...

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Travel, Vacation, Home Workout No Equipment

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each. Allow 10 second rest in between sets, take more time to rest if you need to. Also see my post Maria's Sailboat Travel Workout. Jumping Jacks Wall Sit Pushup or for more challenge try this Paper Plate Sliding Pushup Hamstring slides (with paper plate) Low Ab Marc ...

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Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

The Federal Government has issued Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. They describe the types and amounts of physical activity that offer substantial health benefits to Americans. How do you compare? Do you need help determining what level and type of exercise is right for you? Let me know! View my websi ...

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Best Wrist Position for Biceps Curls or Bench Presses

The picture above shows a poor wrist position for a dumbbell or barbell bench press Poor alignment or overuse of your wrist can lead to tendonitis or other wrist injuries. The best position of the wrist for biceps curls is to keep your wrist joint "neutral" and kept from moving. Do not curl the wrist at the ...

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Best Reps, Weight and Sets for Building Muscle

Do 8-15 reps of each set. This is the number that stimulates the greatest increase in fat-burning hormones. How do you know if you have selected the correct amount of weight to lift?  You should struggle start to struggle by the last repetition. Do 2-4 sets. Do more and you are wasting your time. If you are just ...

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Post-Mastectomy Exercise Guidelines

What are the exercise guidelines for women who have had a mastectomy? Most likely your doctor will tell you no exercise for six weeks. They don't want you to exercise until any drains and stitches are removed. It's in your best interest to rest and let your body heal properly. After several weeks your doc ...

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