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Gym in a Bag Travel Workout with Bands

For each exercise, 8-12 repetitions improves strength and power, 10-15 repetitions improve strength in middle-age and older persons starting exercise, and 15-20 repetitions improve muscular endurance. I suggest trying this at home first before your trip so that you are familiar with how to do the exercises. Then you ...

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Maria's Boat Travel Workout

Body Weight, Loop Band and Paper Plate Sailboat Travel Workout Instructions: Initially, try each exercise and see if it works on your boat and see if the exercise seems appropriate for you. If one exercise just doesn't work, omit it. There are plenty others to challenge you! I do not have instructions for every exer ...

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Walk Your Way to a Healthier You Program

As a woman over 45 myself (at age 62), I understand the challenges you face. That's why I empower women to thrive! As a registered dietitian and master certified trainer, I help you achieve sustainable weight loss, navigate menopause with ease, and embrace a life of fitness and active aging. •     ...

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TRX Workout for a Strong and Sculpted Body

See below for a list of exercises and the video here of a full body workout. Follow along with the video and pause after watching the technique so you can do your set, then hit play and continue exercise to exercises. Lunge Single Arm Power Pull Hamstring Curl Pushup Back Row Chest Press Y's Hip Abdu ...

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Video: TRX Full Body Workout

And if you need any personalized help, let me know. I offer both in person and teleconference workout guidance. About Maria: I am a registered dietitian, master personal trainer, advanced health and fitness specialist, medical exercise specialist, wellness and lifestyle coach, and a freelance writer. I own Active N ...

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Success Story: Frances

Sample Menu #1 Breakfast Homemade Drink - Honey and Lemon In Hot Water, 10 oz Organic Valley 0% - Milk, 8 fluid ounce Organic Valley - Grade A Extra-large Eggs, 1 egg Kelloggs - Miniwheats Original Frosted, 21 biscuits (54g) Apple - - Gala, 3.5 ounce ...

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Boat-Friendly Bodyweight Quick 10-Minute Workout

Join fellow boating enthusiast & fitness and nutrition expert Maria Faires, RD for a voyage of healthy living on the waves! Maria, a dietitian, personal trainer, and passionate mariner, shares her journey aboard "Little Bear" with husband George & dog Emmie.  Stay updated, inspired, and emp ...

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Stair Climbing Training For Mountain Climbing

Fuel Your Passion for Exploration: Hiking & Mountaineering Resources! This is your one-stop shop for everything related to hiking and mountaineering adventures.  Whether you're a seasoned summit seeker or a curious newcomer eager to hit the trails, we've got you covered. Dive into blog posts designe ...

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Creatine: Your Muscle-Building Ally

Creatine as your trusted muscle-building partner. Remember: Choose monohydrate. Take 5g daily. Be consistent. Forget the myths. With creatine fueling your workouts, you'll unlock your full muscle-building potential and reach your fitness goals faster. So, start your creatine journey and experience the p ...

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Success Story: Dianna

Why did you choose to work with me specifically? I started researching nutrition and fitness programs and realized the significant amount of misinformation all over the place. It was challenging to decipher what was true or false. I was very particular about finding someone to work with who was accredited and would h ...

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Is Lack of Glute Strength Causing Your Low Back Pain?

If you need an individualized plan contact me to work with me 1-on- 1.  Want the scoop on the latest nutrition research, healthy recipes, and nutrition tips delivered directly to your inbox? Write and let me know you'd like to subscribe to my newsletter! * *I will never share your information!  ...

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Success Story: Cristiana

Decreased body fat: 8.2% Decreased weight: 22.2 pounds Decreased inches:  18.5 inches Strength increased! Pushups from 16 to 35. An increase of 54%. ...

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