10 Easy Healthy Snacks

1) Pudding Pudding made with skim milk is a wholesome comfort food. Add a couple graham crackers to a fat free pudding snack cup for a treat as yummy as pudding pie! 100 calories per ½ cup serving (180 with 3 graham crackers)

2) Soup Dry or canned, most soups are great low calorie snack ideas. Try Lipton Chicken Vegetable Cup a Soup, serve with veggie sticks and whole grain crackers to warm and fill your tummy! 50 calories per serving of soup

3) Soy nuts For a tasty lower calorie alternative to other types of nuts, try soy nuts sprinkled on salads! ¼ cup = 120 calories

4) Tator Time Microwave a small to medium potato and top with fat free sour cream (or plain yogurt) and salsa or try baked sweet potato fries (microwave until soft, then slice, toast and serve)! 2 oz potato = 160 calories

5) Beans Fat free refried beans are an excellent option. Here's one food that's an exception to the avoid-fried-foods rule. There's no added fat to these babies! Try a bean tortilla: 1 small whole-wheat tortilla + ¼ cup fat free refried beans + 2 tbsp salsa + 1 tbsp fat free sour cream = 1 delicious 170 calorie snack!

6) Cereal Not just for breakfast anymore! Now that you know how important it is to read food labels, ideal choices would be low calorie, high fiber cereals such as Kashi Good Friends or Cheerios. Try a mini box of kids Cereal to satisfy a sweet tooth or to use as a low calorie dessert for 200 calories or less.

7) Yo Yogurt! Fat-free yogurts have as little as 80 calories per cup and make a sweet high-calcium, high-protein snack. Flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or cafe au lait mixed with fresh berries taste more like an indulgent dessert than a healthy snack. 1 serving= 80 calories

8) Peanut Better! Used sparingly, peanut butter makes for a satisfying snack or meal. Stick to 1 tbsp serving sizes and spread on anything from bread to fruit. Try on granny smith apples -- the sweetness of the peanut butter mixed with the tartness of the apple makes a great snack!

9) Hummus? Not for just Dips! Tired of munching on plain cut up veggies for your midday snack. Add hummus, a Mediterranean chickpea and garlic dip, for an exotic flare for only 25 calories per tablespoon. 1 tbsp= 25 calories

10) Eggs-cellent Option! Eggs have gotten a bad rap in recent years because of their high cholesterol content. However even those at risk for heart disease can have up to 3 egg yolks per week without worry. At only 75 calories each (whites are only 17 calories each), high protein eggs are a great snack choice. Try a rice cake topped with hard-boiled egg and tomato slices. 1 egg= 75 calories

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