Stair Climbing Training For Mountain Climbing

Fuel Your Passion for Exploration: Hiking & Mountaineering Resources! This is your one-stop shop for everything related to hiking and mountaineering adventures.  Whether you're a seasoned summit seeker or a curious newcomer eager to hit the trails, we've got you covered. Dive into blog posts designe ...

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Is High Intensity Interval Training Best for Weight Loss for Beginning Exercisers?

New or inexperienced exercisers may have some misperceptions in regards to cardio training. It is not uncommon for an individual to begin an exercise program with the intention of losing weight by performing a high volume of cardio training at a high intensity. (By high intensity I mean to the point that speaking is po ...

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HIIT Training: Get Fit Fast with High Intensity Interval Training

What is so great about HIIT training is that you can get fit fast! And I am talking minutes a day. So, if you are short on time and want to get in shape and improve your health, consider trying HIIT training. So let me tell you about HIIT training, what the benefits are and how you do HIIT training correctly and what my ...

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Exercise Helps Treat Diabetes

Get moving to lower blood sugar. Many studies have documented that exercise helps in treating diabetes because daily exercise enhances insulin sensitivity. (Remember that decreased insulin sensitivity is a hallmark of type 2 diabetes.) Here are a few examples: All forms of exercise aerobic and strength training have b ...

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Progressive Hiking Schedule Snoqualmie Washington Region

Hike Mileage RT Elevation gain Feet/mile elevation gain High Point Twin Falls 2.8 500 384 1,000 Rattlesnake Ledge 4 1,160 ...

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Cardio Xiser Portable Stepper Machine

It folds to a flat 4-inch piece of metal for easy storage or portability. I like the Pro model since the commercial stepper is designed to handle more work and more heat. It can handle as much work as any athlete can produce! The way the hydraulic system is made in Xiser products is totally different from other ...

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The Hottest Interval Training Program of the Year: The 10-20-30 Interval Formula

For several years, the catchphrases in fitness have been "high-intensity interval training" (HIIT) and "less is more". There are many formulas for interval training and a precise "10-20-30" or formula was discovered by the University of Copenhagen in a published a study (Gunnarsson ...

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Post-Mastectomy Exercise Guidelines

What are the exercise guidelines for women who have had a mastectomy? Most likely your doctor will tell you no exercise for six weeks. They don't want you to exercise until any drains and stitches are removed. It's in your best interest to rest and let your body heal properly. After several weeks your doc ...

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Calorie Burning Intervals

Interval training is a great way to burn more calories in a given workout time compared to steady state cardio training.  These calorie burning intervals can be done running, on the treadmill, on the elliptical, or biking. Have one day off between interval training. Begin with a 5 to 10 minute low intensity wa ...

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Is There A Direct Relationship Between Exercise And Longevity?

Don't we all want to be fit, healthy and able to do the things we want to do when we're older? There is a direct relationship between exercise and longevity. Someone who is moderately active lives at least two years longer than a sedentary person. A simple formula states that for each hour of exercise, you w ...

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Swing Into Shape For Tennis: Flexibility Training For Great Reach

Tennis players lose plenty of points when their reach falls short. The solution? Flexibility exercises increase your range of motion on the court, helping you get to that ball from some, shall we say, unnatural body positions without hurting yourself. For Safe Stretching: Always warm up your muscles before stretch ...

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Hiking Fitness by Melissa Ozbek, Author of 75 Great Hikes Seattle

Hiking Fitness by Melissa Ozbek Author of 75 Great Hikes Seattle  Being physically prepared for a hike is important to help you complete a hike safely, have more endurance, prevent injuries, and set yourself up to have a fun, successful hike. Maria Faires, RD (www.myactivenutrition.com), a personal trainer, outdoor ...

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