The Brettzel Stretch

This outstanding stretch is recommended by almost every corrective exercise specialist, physical therapy and conditioning coach I know. This is an excellent total body stretch to improve your mobility and hence reduce your risk of injury. It targets your quads, hip flexors, piriformis and low back. It's also an outst ...

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Travel, Vacation, Home Workout No Equipment

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each. Allow 10 second rest in between sets, take more time to rest if you need to. Also see my post Maria's Sailboat Travel Workout. Jumping Jacks Wall Sit Pushup or for more challenge try this Paper Plate Sliding Pushup Hamstring slides (with paper plate) Low Ab Marc ...

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Awesome Back Exercise: The Cat Camel

World renowned spine expert Dr. Stuart McGill has proven the Cat Camel exercise is the best way to take the spine through range of motion without load. This spine-friendly exercise preserves the ability to do daily tasks that often flex the spine, such as tying your shoes. The Cat Camel helps floss neural tissues, lubricate ...

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Post-Mastectomy Exercise Guidelines

What are the exercise guidelines for women who have had a mastectomy? Most likely your doctor will tell you no exercise for six weeks. They don't want you to exercise until any drains and stitches are removed. It's in your best interest to rest and let your body heal properly. After several weeks your doc ...

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Swing Into Shape For Tennis: Flexibility Training For Great Reach

Tennis players lose plenty of points when their reach falls short. The solution? Flexibility exercises increase your range of motion on the court, helping you get to that ball from some, shall we say, unnatural body positions without hurting yourself. For Safe Stretching: Always warm up your muscles before stretch ...

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