Client Success Story: Vicki

Published:  01/20/2018

This is Vicki. Her progress to date is 16 pounds lost, 12.75 total inches and 4.2% body fat. Most notable were the 4 inches lost around her waist and 2 and a half inches off her hips!

Vicki initially wrote to me, "I was always skinny as a child and young adult but since having two kids, I never lost that post-baby weight and feel like I have been expanding ever since. I have high cholesterol and blood pressure too. I am struggling with what healthy foods to eat and keep the right balance of nutrition for my family".

We started with an initial fitness assessment. Her strength was minimal at first. She was only able to do one push up. I am happy to say she is capable now of performing 20! This is an indication of muscle mass gain.

Since she had never formally exercised so we began with a simple program to introduce her to weight training, cardiovascular exercise and stretching. We gradually increased the amount of exercise and the complexity of the exercises as she got stronger.

To address her weight loss goals and how to feed the whole family nutrition and delicious meals we began with assessing her diet with a food journal. Seeing what she was actually eating and her patterns allowed us to determine some changes to make. She began with adding more vegetables to meals and selecting healthy menus to try. She has now compiled a recipe book of all the recipes that she has tried and that she and her family like.

It will be interesting to see the results of her next doctor's visit. I'm guessing that her blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels have improved as well. Exercise helps improve all these parameters! Studies link exercise with improvements in lifespan as well as a reduction in mortality. 

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