Client Success Story: Jana

  1/8/15 6/3/15 CHANGE
Height 5'8    
Weight 146.4 135.8 -10.6
Age 48    
Neck 13 12.25 - .75
Arm 10.5 10 - .5
Wrist 5.75    
Waist 33.5 30.5 - 3.5
Abdomen 38 35 - 3
Hips 40.5 37.75 - 2.75
Thigh 21.75 21.5 - .25
Calf 14.75 13.75 - 1
      11.75 inches total lost
Body Fat 30.9% 26.1% 4.8% lost
Pushups 15 34 56% increase in strength

My note to Jana about her progress:

You lost 4.8% body fat! You are almost at a healthier body fat goal of 24%. This is great news since extra fat puts you at risk for several health problems - including heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. I'd like to see that number get below 24%. You're getting so close!

To reach a healthier goal of 24% body fat you would be at a weight of approximately 132#. Your actual target weight may be different since lean body weight may increase (with exercise) or decrease (with diet or overtraining)

In addition to lost body fat, you have lost a total of 10.6 pounds and 11.75 inches. The biggest areas of loss were your waist, abdomen and hips. Who wouldn't be thrilled with 3.5 inches off their waist?

In looking at your before and now pictures, I notice how improved your posture is. When we started you had kyphosis (an exaggerated rounding of the back) in your thoracic area and forward head and chin-jutting posture. That has improved and the loss of fat around your tummy is noticeable!

Look how well this program of weight training, cardio and eating healthy foods works. All your efforts have paid off and your body has done really well. You have lost fat and gained muscle. And you have obviously gained strength; when you started with me you could only do 15 push ups, considered average for a woman in her 40's. (See the chart below). Now you can do 34 push ups which exceeds the baseline for excellent which is 24 for a woman in her 40's!  This is an increase of 56% in number of push ups.

Do you know that if you would have just cut calories you would have lost precious muscle? Weight training increases lean mass while dieting. With diet and weight training, more total weight was lost and more fat was lost and lean mass (muscle) was preserved.

Committed to Your Success,


WOMEN Push up Chart 40's 50's
Excellent 24+ 20+
Good 15 - 22 12 - 18
Average 12 - 14 10 - 12
Below Avg 4 - 11 3 - 9
Poor below 4 below 3

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