Quality of Life for Seniors Improves with Agility Exercise

Published:  10/06/2017

Many seniors develop issues with balance, speed, reaction time, range of motion, coordination, strength and agility as they age. But with training and it can be improved!

Agility exercises help you react quicker and more precisely when needed and help reduce risk for falling. Agility exercises for seniors are designed to enhance reflexes, increase reaction time, train the body to change direction or position quickly and increase the efficiency of daily movements.

Agility can improve with practice and increase your ability to remain independent and active. And agility exercise, as does exercise overall, reduces your risk of dementia.

My favorite way to increase agility when I train my seniors is with games. Squatting to catch the ball, reaching for the ball, bending to pick up the ball, balancing on one leg, and catching and kicking a ball require agility. This type of exercise improves balance, speed, reaction time, range of motion, coordination, strength and agility in an enjoyable way. And it's fun too! Look how much fun my client and my dog are having!

Consider engaging your own dog or grandchildren to play catch with you or join you in other agility exercises.

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