An Exercise to Disprove Negative Thoughts That Derail Your Weight Loss Efforts

Published:  03/16/2017

Negative thoughts can derail your weight loss efforts and suck you into a downward spiral that will keep you from being successful. 

Try going through this exercise the next time you catch yourself thinking a thought that you will only prevent you from taking positive steps forward.

Negative thought: "I only have 3 weeks until my Palm Springs vacation. It's not enough time to lose weight or get into shape so I might as well not even try."

What evidence do I have to disprove that thought?


For instance, in that time "I could lose 5 to 10 pounds. It may not be the 45 that I eventually want to lose but 5-10 would be great. I've been able to lose that much in 3 weeks in the past. I can do it! In 21 days' time, I could realistically do 17 days of 30 minutes of walking. That's 510 minutes of walking! That's really something. I'd burn over 1700 calories. I noticed that in the past when I planned my meals ahead of time, packed my lunch and reduced how often I went out to eat, I was able to stick to my calorie goal."

What would be the benefits of trying?


For instance, "I'd feel so much better being 5-10 pounds lighter, feel more confident in shorts, after all the cardio I do in 3 weeks, I'd feel like I could walk more easily, I'd feel proud of myself."

In what ways am I critical of myself? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­


For instance, "I view myself as a failure, lazy, unmotivated."

If my best friend told me she had that thought, what would I tell her?


For instance, "I could tell her that if she puts in some effort every day, she will see some progress. I will tell her that she can do this and I would be there to help her and support her."

What am I going to do now?______________________________________________________________________________________________

For instance, "I will plan out simple meals, chicken or fish and vegetables for the next 3 weeks and walk 30 minutes 5-6 days a week. I will schedule my exercise and write out a grocery list. I'll tell my husband that I'd prefer us eat at home the next 3 weeks instead of going out to eat. I will log all my food on My Fitness Pal."

Try this exercise the next time you feel negative thoughts derailing your efforts and see if it helps you get focused.

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