Awesome Back Exercise: The Cat Camel

Published:  04/29/2017

World renowned spine expert Dr. Stuart McGill has proven the Cat Camel exercise is the best way to take the spine through range of motion without load. This spine-friendly exercise preserves the ability to do daily tasks that often flex the spine, such as tying your shoes. The Cat Camel helps floss neural tissues, lubricates the spine and preps it for more strenuous activities. It also helps increase middle/upper back mobility.

Begin on your hands and knees and slowly begin the movement by bringing your head and pelvis towards each other which rounds your back into the camel position. Then raise your head and push your hips upwards, creating an “angry cat” arch in your back. Do this slowly and gently, and don’t force it. One cycle should take four seconds. Repeat five or six times.

Categories:   Fitness 

Tags:   #exercise #stretching

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