Beach Barbecue Picnic Dinner Packing List

Published:  06/12/2023

Our boat Little Bear at Cypress Head San Juan Islands. A perfect tranquil setting for dinner onshore.

Having a packing list for your picnic can be highly beneficial. A packing list is a valuable tool that helps you stay organized, prepared, and ready to enjoy a fantastic picnic with all the necessary supplies. 

Going onshore for dinner from your boat offers a chance to combine the joy of boating with the pleasures of exploring new culinary delights and enjoying the company of others in a picturesque setting. It adds variety, excitement, and a sense of adventure to your boating experience.

Shorefront beach picnic dinner locations offer stunning views - whether it's a sunset over the water, a bustling harbor, or a tranquil beach setting. The combination of delectable food, pleasant company, and picturesque surroundings enhances the overall dining experience and creates lasting memories.

Organization: A packing list helps you stay organized and ensures that you don't forget any essential items. It serves as a handy reference to check off items as you pack them, minimizing the chances of overlooking something important.

Efficiency: With a packing list, you can streamline the packing process. It saves time by providing a clear outline of what needs to be packed, preventing last-minute scrambling or multiple trips to gather forgotten items.

Customization: Everyone's picnic preferences can vary. Having a packing list allows you to tailor your picnic supplies to your specific needs and desires. You can include items based on the location, weather, and any activities or games you plan to enjoy during the picnic.

Future reference: Keeping a packing list for your picnics allows you to refine and improve your picnic experiences over time. You can make notes on the list about what worked well, what you might want to add or remove in the future, and any specific considerations based on different picnic locations or occasions.

Here is a complete packing list followed by links to the exact products I recommend. You can also visit my Amazon Storefront where I have curated must-have item lists for boaters.

Personalize This List: I suggest copying the list, pasting it to a WORD document and editing the list according to your needs. Print it out, have it laminated and you'll never forget an essential item again. 

Remember, a picnic isn't just about food, it's about creating a magical moment. Make it special with some of the details I suggest. 

Beach Picnic Packing List


  Bag for trash

  Bio-degradable soap 

  Blanket with carry case 

  Bug spray and Bug Swatter/zapper


  Container for leftovers

  Cooking utensils

  Cooler backpack 

  Cutting board, lightweight and collapsible

  Dog water and food bowls

  Fire starter and matches or lighter

  Firewood tote



  Firewood carrying bag

  Firestarter, lighter, matches 


  Garbage bags

  Grill fork

  Grill mesh bags

  Grill pans

  Grill Tong

  Hand wipes

  Hand sanitizer



  Lanterns, torch lights, or string lights

  Meat Thermometer

  Paper towels

  Plates, silverware, napkins, serving bowls, serving spoons and tongs



   Side Table and mesh net organizer 

  Tablecloth for picnic table and 



  Wine glasses

  Wine opener

  Patagonia Black Hole Gear Tote 61L to pack items in (or other large tote bag or this 29 L Collapsible Tub with Handle-Portable Outdoor Picnic Basket-Space Saving Storage Container

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Camping Lantern

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Side Table

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