Client Progress: Sonia

History: Sonia is a moderately fit, 35 year old, mom with a husband and two boys.

At month one, Sonia has done very well with her program which leads me to predict her continued success. I wanted to spotlight Sonia because she is an excellent example of someone who has quickly implemented the program components and has rapidly seen success.

Here are some key statistics followed by more detail which outlines the course of her progress.

Month One Progress

  • 5.2 pounds lost!
  • 6.75 inches gone! Her biggest loss was 1.75 inches around her waist and 1.5 inches off her hips.
  • 2.9 % body fat lost!

Objectives: Lose 20 pounds and 8% body fat; learn to prepare healthy easy, make-ahead family meals and; learn how to exercise while vacationing with family; be consistent with exercise; make frequent changes in her workout and mode to create variety and interest; continue with weekly workouts with me for variety, progression and accountability; learn healthy options for eating out.

Her Schedule with Me: She has been training with me 3 sessions a week and we also discuss any nutrition, exercise or motivation challenges she has at that time. In addition we had a 90 minute nutrition session. She plans on continuing her training with me and doing nutrition follow-up sessions. 

Nutrition Plan: Sonia’s My Fitness Pal log is set for 1300 calories and she has been given a sample menu.

Her actual intake: She logs faithfully and eats between 1150 and 1450 calories each day. She has made improvements in making healthier choices; adding more fiber via fruits, vegetables and whole grains; she has been trying new family-friendly recipes; she has been improving choices while away from home at daily soccer games and practices with her boys.

Sonia's Actual Workouts: consist of full body varied weight training sessions with me per week. In addition, he has increased her walking in her neighborhood, attends Barre and Zumba classes and does the elliptical for a total of at least 2800 calories a week.

Success Tips: When I asked her what she felt has contributed to her success she said to me, “the food journaling helped me realize what I was and wasn’t eating. And I like the accountability to you…I ask myself if I really want to eat “this” because you may see it. And because of your instruction, I am eating much better. I am working out more on my own and it’s really fun to work out with you so I look forward to it.”

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