Client Success Story: Stella

Published:  11/12/2014

Stella's Fitness Progress Report

Stella's results illustrate the importance of incorporating a well designed strength training program. Notice that Stella "only" lost 3.4 pounds but her efforts resulted in an astounding loss of 9 inches and 1.7% body fat in ten weeks. Her lean muscle mass increased as well as evidenced by her ability to do 14 more pushups than when she started her program.

Had Stella not been working with someone who was tracking her progress she might have felt disappointed with the results she saw on the scale. 3.4 pounds doesn't seem like much weight to lose for all her dieting and exercise effort. It is important to understand that muscle weighs more than fat and strength training increases valuable muscle.  If you have been working out with weights and watching what you eat, the number on the scale may stay the same or even go up. So the scale may not be a good indicator of success with a program. Body fat loss, inches lost and strength increases are better indicators of success than the scale. Frequent retesting can help maintain motivation.

Update: As of the date I am posting this blog 11-12-11 I am happy to report that Stella has lost an additional 4 pounds and is wearing jeans that she hasn't worn in over 7 years!

Results in 2.5 months:
Decreased body fat: 1.7%

Decreased weight: 3.4#

Decreased inches:  9 inches

Increased pushup strength 200%

Date 6-16-11 9-6-11 Change 2.5 months
Height 5' 5    
Weight 234 230.6 -3.4#
Age 47 yrs 47 yrs n/a
Neck 16 16 0
Arm 16.5 16 -.5
Forearm 11 11 0
Wrist 6.5 6.5 0
Waist 44.25 42 -2.25
Abdomen 47.75 45 -2.75
Hips 53.25 51 -2.25
Thigh 27.75 27 -.75
Calf 17.75 17.25 -.5
Total Inches Lost:   -9 inches
Body Fat 45.8% 44.2% -1.7%
Pushups 7 21 14 more!

































































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