Conquer Your Cravings

Published:  07/02/2015

1. Be sure to have at least 3 regular meal/ day plus snacks. If you're eating regularly scheduled well-balanced meals, you're less likely to experience cravings due to stabilized blood sugar levels and brain chemicals. See list of healthier snacks- some of these healthy food award winners)

2. Plan ahead. Have healthy snacks on hand just in case. This will prevent you from having to choose the lesser of “two evils” from the vending machine or fast food restaurant.

3. Can you wait it out? Most cravings fade within five to fifteen minutes. If you're still feeling the craving after fifteen minutes, then you probably are truly hungry and you should choose a complex carbohydrate snack.

4. What are you craving? Is there a healthier alternative that will satisfy your urge? Looking for creamy - try fat free vanilla yogurt or pudding with fruit. Want crunchy? How about some low fat tortilla chips and fat free refried beans. Chocolate? Try a glass of chocolate skim milk or chocolate graham crackers, or even a couple tootsie rolls or chocolate kisses if you must have candy. Over time you will train your taste buds to prefer these foods.

5. Portion out your snacks then close the container and put it away. Don't nibble from the bag or container, this will surely resulting eating more than intended. If this is too tempting, purchase single portion snacks.

6. Ask yourself if you are really hungry or are you bored, stressed, feeling blue or tired. If you haven't eaten anything in > 3-4 hours, it's likely hunger. Don't just give in to a chocolate bar, which will only temporarily satisfy your hunger, make or buy yourself a substantial meal or snack.

7. If decide you're not hungry, try to tackle what's bothering you head on. A cookie won't relieve your stress or act as your friend if you are lonely. Consider clearing your head by taking a quick walk or closing your eyes and practicing deep breathing. Call or write to a friend or family member. If that's not possible write your feelings in a journal. Treat yourself to an indulgent long, hot bath or shower, anything to make you feel relaxed or take your mind off eating.

8. Be sure to make any changes in your eating habits gradually. If you're used to eating one doughnut and two chocolate bars per day, substituting for a piece of fruit just won't cut it. Cut portions slowly or substitute with similar, healthier foods. For example have half a raisin bagel with 1 tsp of peanut butter and 1 tsp of jelly instead of the donut. Have ½ a chocolate bar twice a day and continue to work your way down. The craving should subside within 2 weeks of changing this behavior.

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