Create Your Own Healthy Cookbook Recipe Keeper

Published:  04/26/2017

Recipe Keeper Bundle

A key lifestyle habit is to cook healthy meals. So it’s important to collect a repertoire of healthy recipes that you have tried and like.  

I have a system that works well for me. I print out any recipes I want to try and place them in a designated drawer in my kitchen desk. Once I have tried the recipe and decide that I like it enough to prepare again I place it in a recipe binder. This becomes my go-to family recipe book! 

The best solution I have found for organizing them for quick reference is this binder with coordinating tabbed divider pages and sticky labels for you to customize the tabs. There are sheet protectors for recipe cards and full page recipes and a large pocket page. The inside covers also have tips, tricks and substitute lists - perfect if you need a quick reference!  To purchase the Recipe Organizer Binder Bundle for All Your Recipes on Amazon link.

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