Everything Counts: Be Consistent Daily

Published:  02/10/2016

Remember your piggy bank when you were a child?

You filled it up with coins little by little and one day when it was full you broke the piggy bank and cashed out to get something that you REALLY wanted.

Every coin didn't count for much but it did go towards"something."

The same thing happens in your body...

Every workout, healthy meal, and every “treat” you say no to is like dropping a coin in your piggy bank of health.

One, two or ten coins is not going to get you there.

Neither does one, two or ten workouts.

The key is the accumulation of CONSISTENT workouts and healthy eating over time.

The name of the game is CONSISTENCY...

So stay consistent knowing that everything you do counts.

Make a small deposit everyday towards your health and fitness.

Everything counts.

Work hard and cash in on your new body. I know you REALLY want it!

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