Exercise Boosts Cognitive Function, Creativity, Problem Solving and Productivity

Published:  09/12/2013

Group of employees walking

A NASA study showed employees who exercised daily worked at 100% efficiency after 7 hours, while those who didn't saw a 50% drop, meaning it took them twice as long to accomplish the same thing. So, exercise, in effect, creates time. People who exercise regularly are healthier and have more energy; people who are healthier and have more energy are more productive.

Another showed that workday exercise, not only improves well-being but participants noted a 72% improvement in time management and workload completed on days when they exercised.

Increased productivity is noticeable within weeks of implementing an exercise routine. Why? Exercise raises energy levels, combats stress, battles fatigue and improves general well-being. 

How can you use exercise as a tool to increase your productivity? 

So during your lunch break, what are a couple things you can implement? Try walking, running or going to the company gym. Organize a group of co-workers to go with you. No gym? Keep an Xiser in your office for a quick HIIT workout. Do some body weight exercises. See if your company offers any employee wellness classes on site. 

Yet another study suggesst important benefits of employing stand-capable desks in the work force to increase productivity 45%. 

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