Healthiest Packaged Snack Options

Published:  09/12/2023

Exploring nutritious snack choices is a cornerstone of maintaining a balanced and health-conscious lifestyle.

From wholesome nuts and seeds to protein-packed Greek yogurt cups, this curated list of healthy packaged snacks offers a diverse range of options that cater to varying tastes and dietary preferences.

Dive into this comprehensive guide to discover top-notch brands like Blue Diamond Almonds and Sabra, known for delivering quality and flavor.

Whether you're a fan of savory hummus packs or prefer the crunch of organic rice cakes, these snacks are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients. Elevate your snacking experience with these guilt-free, convenient choices that support your journey towards a healthier you.

Nut Butter Packets:

Greek Yogurt Cups:

  • FAGE Total (Plain, Unsweetened)
  • Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Protein Bars:

Hummus Snack Packs:

  • Sabra (Classic, Roasted Red Pepper)

Whole Grain Crackers:

  • Triscuit (Whole Wheat Crackers)

Rice Cakes:

Seaweed Snacks:

Dried Fruits:

Dark Chocolate:

Edamame Snack Packs:

Broad Beans 

Trail Mix (Make Your Own):

  • Create your own mix with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

Canned Tuna or Salmon Packets:


Jerky (Choose Lean Varieties):

  • Krave Jerky (Select lean meat options like turkey or chicken)
  • Field Trip Turkey Jerky 


Probiotic-Rich Snacks:

  • Lifeway ProBugs Organic Kefir (Probiotic-Rich Drinkable Yogurt)

Fruit Chips 

Rice and Quinoa Cups:

Remember, even with these healthier options, it's still important to read labels and consider your personal dietary needs. Also, portion control is key. Enjoying these snacks as part of a balanced diet can be a positive step towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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