Healthy Hiking or Snowshoeing Lunch and Snacks

Published:  03/08/2020

This is what I typically pack for me and my husband when we hike or snowshoe. It is easy to prep and transport and tastes so good on the trail. And, its full of quality nutrients to keep us fueled and aid in recovery for our long snowshoeing trips.

Whole Wheat Pesto, Turkey and Cheese Wraps

Granola bars, Cliff bar, Fig Newtons, dried mangos or other fruit 

Peeled Cut-up Oranges in a sandwich size ziplock 

Pack in a lightweight hard plastic container 

Hot Coffee in a small thermos. This is the exact 25 oz. Contigo that my husband and I take for both of us. Coffee stays hot even if we take it out snowshoeing.

Sometimes, I will take hot red lentil soup in this 2 cup capacity thermos. It even comes with a spoon!Water, I take several stainless steel bottles. You will want about 2 cups per hour.

For more ideas see Fueling for Performance 

How To Make Whole Wheat Pesto, Turkey and Cheese Wraps

  • Mission Organic Whole Wheat tortilla
  • Slice of cheese
  • Natural (no preservative) lunch meat
  • Pesto, reduced fat mayo or mustard
  • Any green leafy vegetables 

Spread mayo, mustard or pesto on tortilla. Layer meat, cheese and greens. Roll tightly and wrap in foil or plastic wrap. Or for easier eating, cut into pinwheels and wrap.

Pack everything into a lightweight container with a lid. I like using this 64 ounce GladWare container. It keeps everything from getting smashed in my pack and it happens to be the perfect size. I pack this container at the very top of my pack for easy access.

Maria Faires, RD is a mountaineering fitness and nutrition expert. 

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