Keep Your Salads Healthy

Published:  01/15/2018

Even some "healthy" foods can pack in a lot of extra calories and make you gain weight.

Salad. Sounds healthy, right? 

Not always. Salads is one of those items that seem healthy and low calorie but pack in a lot more calories than your body needs. So salad can be deceiving as some can be higher calories and fat than a fatty Big Mac. Most restaurant salads are WAY more calories than a burger. (Not that I think a burger is the best choice). 

Of course, calories are not everything. Plenty of salads tally high calorie counts through healthy fats, vegetables, lean proteins, and fruit, but lots of them are just plain unhealthy. 

To keep your salads healthy, resist high-calorie extras such as cheese, nuts, high fat meat like steak, croutons, creamy dressing, wontons, taco salad bowl, crispy anything, fried noodles, bacon, and full-fat dressing.

Big Mac

530 calories

27 grams fat

Chicken Salad with Roll

925 calories

58 grams fat

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