Donate to Maui Humane Society "Wings of Aloha" Transfer Program

Published:  12/05/2018


The Maui Humane Society's goal is to find loving, forever homes for the over 7,000 dogs they receive a year.

One of the ways they accomplish this is with a program they created Wings of Aloha.

The Wings of Aloha program was created to fly pets to Portland and Seattle to guarantee-adoption shelters waiting for Maui's homeless pets.

Maui struggles with dog overpopulation and lack of adoptive homes. Every effort possible is being made to find forever homes locally, but there are simply not enough available adopters on the island to find homes for the thousands of adoptable pets they receive every year. The Wings of Aloha Program is committed to saving more lives and can do so by repositioning some of their animals to areas where there is a high demand for adoptable dogs and cats, such as the Northwest.

For more information on how you can accompany a dog from Kauai to Seattle or Portland, go here. It's so easy!

If you aren't going to Maui anytime soon, consider making a donation. Because all of the dogs must travel by air, this program is expensive to sustain. Transporting each animal is an expense that the program cannot afford on their own.

The Maui Humane Society incurs cost to get the animal to their destination. Every animal that flies costs about $200-$600 (including the fee for returning the air kennel, which we will continue to use to transfer animals). Every dog that is transferred needs a crate, receives vaccines, is spayed or neutered, receives health exams and flea and worming medication and of course there are labor costs to do perform these services for the animal.

As a non-profit they function and rely on wonderful and caring people like you to fund this program. The funds they raise will allow them to continue the program and take the program to new heights by getting more animals to shelters that are actively seeking dogs to adopt out.

Please open your hearts and help these wonderful deserving animals get their second chance at finding love and happiness with a wonderful family. Click here to donate.

[caption id="attachment_2473" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Lenny Maui Wings of Aloha Lenny in his new loving home!


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