Notice What Makes You Successful As You Learn To Be a Healthier You

Published:  12/15/2016

Have you noticed the things you do that make you successful in your path towards creating a healthier lifestyle? Pieced together, over time, these small things add up to big success.

I've noticed that when I take a water bottle with me in the car I reach my daily water goal intake more easily. So now I make it a point to take a full one every time I get in the car.

I have noticed that I'm always relieved when I have healthy food cooked so that all I have to do is reheat it. One hour cooking = several healthy re-heatable meals, yay! That realization now motivates me to do it again and again. And each time I take the time to plan, shop, and cook I'm so glad I did.

Pay attention to the thought, “that worked for me, I should do that more”. In fact, look for it. What worked out well, what led to success? Then do that again!

My client Cindy realized that she dreaded doing cardio after work when she was tired but what worked well for her was to get up at 5am and do her cardio before she gets ready for work.

Mark noticed that he was more likely to get a workout in if he went immediately from work to the gym instead of going home and getting side tracked.

Kevin noticed that when he packed five healthy snacks Sunday night to take to work with him Monday morning he was less likely to go get something from the vending machine.

Brenda noticed that if she packed tomorrow's lunch while she is making dinner that she is more likely to eat a healthy lunch.

Fay noticed that if she cooked two vegetables at every dinner, she enjoyed having low-cal, filling and healthy leftovers easily available for her lunch and snacks the next day.

Donna noticed that meal planning was easier when she kept a file of recipes that she would like to make sometime on her desk.

As you go through this week, pay attention and notice what you do that makes it easier for you to be successful. Perhaps be inspired and put into practice, some of the behaviors I've listed here.

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