Paleo Diet Review

Published:  08/16/2015

The Paleo diet was recently criticized and ranked LAST by US News & World Report's evaluation of the top 25 diets that was done by twenty two national health experts.

The Paleo diet advocates eating like a caveman from the Paleolithic period. This diet recommends animal protein and fruit and vegetables while eliminating beans, dairy, refined sugar and high glycemic fruits and vegetables.

By eliminating dairy, beans and grains you are missing out on a lot of important nutrients. And if you aren't eating  lean protein sources, you could get too much saturated fat.

The Paleo diet does not have the carb, protein, fat ratios that nutrition experts recommend. The Paleo diet is about 39% of daily calories coming from fat-most nutrition experts recommend much less than this; 38% of daily calories from protein-more than what is recommended; and 23% of daily calories from carbohydrates-far below the 45 to 65% recommendation.

I personally recommend 50% of daily calories from carbohydrates; 25% from fat and 25% from protein.

I know you are wondering what the highest ranking diets were? DASH, TLC, Mayo Clinic, Mediterranean and Weight Watchers.

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