Success Story: Joan

Published:  01/04/2016

Another success! Congratulations to 63 year old Joan.

In 98 days she has lost 18.4 pounds, 4.1% body fat and 14.5 inches.  Only 10 more pounds to go to reach her goal weight of 130 pounds.

I train and give her nutrition advice via my online services with one in-person meeting a month. Joan exercises daily and enjoys jogging, swimming, biking, hiking and cycling. She does my weight training program and cardio in the gym twice a week. She averages a 550 daily exercise caloric expenditure.

She logs her food on My Fitness Pal every day so we can make improvements to her diet.  This week she is on a mission to increase the fiber in her diet.  Yesterday for instance she had Flax Plus cereal, nonfat milk, low fat cottage cheese, banana, blueberries and pineapple. Fish, bulgur, yellow squash, red potatoes, chicken, carrots and a small piece of dark chocolate. Lots of fiber! And all for under 1200 calories.

Although Joan is 63, her real-age is probably 25. She moves like she is a healthy 25 year old. I predict her life will be long, healthy and active. (An analysis of 33 studies shows that higher fitness levels are tied to lower risk of dying from all causes of death.)

Joan's Fitness Progress

Date 9-27-12 1-3-12 3-11-13 5-23-13 CHANGE  
Height 5'3          
Weight 159 140.6 134.0 130 29#  
Neck 13 12.25 12.25 12.25 - .75  
Arm 13 12 11.25 10.75 -2.25  
Forearm 9.5 9.25 9.75 9.25 -.25  
Wrist 6 Na        
Chest   na   Rib cage 35    
Waist 36 32.75 30.5 31 - 5  
Abdomen 36.5 34 31.25 30.75 - 5.75  
Hips 41 37.5 37 36.5 - 4.5  
Thigh 25.25 23 22.5 22 - 3.25  
Calf 15 14.5 14.25 14 - 1  
Cardio Fitness 32.9 VO2     37.4 VO2 Improved 8.7% and fitness level is considered superior  
Body Fat 39.7% 35.6% 33.9% 32.9% Decreased 6.8%  
Pushups 36     41    

In 8 months: 

Lost 30# of body weight

Decreased 6.8% body fat

Lost 22.75 inches

Improved her cardiovascular fitness to what is considered excellent for a woman aged 30-39 years old.
























































































































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