The Scorpion Core Exercise

Published:  03/24/2018

The scorpion is a challenging, comprehensive core exercise designed to develop a stronger core, increase power, speed, strength, flexibility, mobility and prevent injury.

It is an advanced version of the plank exercise that adds two significant challenges: controlling rotational forces while stabilizing with your shoulder muscles. Before you attempt this you should already be able to hold a straight-arm plank position while maintaining proper form for at least a minute.  If you have a history of shoulder problems, be very careful with this exercise.  For those with good shoulders, this will really bring your shoulder stabilizers and abs to the next level.

Here is how to do it: Get into straight arm pillar plank position with wrists directly under your shoulders (or wider if its more comfortable) with your feet (in order of difficulty) on the floor, a bench, the TRX, a stability ball. If you are using a stability ball begin with your shins on the ball or to make it more challenging, your toes as Joetta is shown doing in the photo.

Bend your left knee, now rotate your hips under your body to the right so your knee moves to the right and then rotate your hips to bring the left knee to the left towards the ceiling.

Keep your spine in straight alignment and your head in line with your spine. Brace your abdomen the whole time.

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