TV Watching Linked to Heart Disease

Published:  11/04/2013

Each hour spent watching TV may lead to an 18% greater risk of dying from heart disease if you are of healthy weight and no history of heart disease. Sedentary people who spend more than 4 hours a day watching TV may have a whopping 80% greater risk of death from heart disease. (1) 

In a study published in BMC Medicine, the researchers show that, assuming a causal link, 11% of cases of coronary heart disease could be prevented if people watched less than an hour of TV each day. (2) 

In another study, researchers wanted to know if there was a connection between time spent watching TV and recreational computer use, someone’s DNA, and their risk of coronary heart disease. 4 hours or more of TV watching was associated with the highest risk. Those who reported watching less than an hour of TV had a 16% lower rate. Scientists found this was specifically associated with television watching —using a computer for leisure did not impact disease risk. (3) 

If you watch a considerable amount of TV, consider reducing TV viewing as as a behavioral target for prevention of an early onset of cardiovascular events. Find ways to move more throughout the day. 

Limiting the amount of time sat watching TV could be a beneficial lifestyle change that could help those with a high genetic predisposition to coronary heart disease in particular to manage their risk.


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