Creating Stress-Free Dinners

Published:  04/13/2016

Stress-free dinners

Pre-prepping ingredients before dinner helps ease the rush and stress of mealtime.

I work from home, so when I had some time mid-afternoon, I washed and cut the veggies, gathered the rice pilaf ingredients, and prepared the salmon in its baking dish.

An hour before dinner, I put the green beans in a pot with the water, got the salmon out of the fridge, put the broccoli on a foil lined pan and started cooking the pilaf.

Once the pilaf started to simmer, I calculated when I would have to start cooking the other items.

Everything is queued up ready to go, the table is set and all I have to do at this point is cook the items at the appropriate time.

Here is the menu:

Maria's Spicy Grilled Broccoli

Oven Baked Salmon

Easy Steamed Green Beans

Rice Pilaf

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