Preparing for Shoulder Surgery: The Essential Guide for Comfortable Recovery

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Glucosamine Supplements: Which form is best?

Glucosamine is sometimes recommended for someone who has joint pain or arthritis. It appears to offer benefits for both pain relief and slowing down arthritis but check the label. The best form of glucosamine is SULPHATE. Glucosamine HYDROCHLORIDE has been shown to be less effective. Also, make sure your dosage is enoug ...

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Is Lack of Glute Strength Causing Your Low Back Pain?

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Best Neck, Back and Shoulder and Posture Relief Products

Please come back. This is being edited and updated. Sitting at a desk or standing with poor posture can cause forward head posture, rounded shoulders, a hunched upper back, headache, shoulder pain, upper back and neck pain and tension.    Ease back, neck, and shoulder pain with the help of these pr ...

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Deep Neck Flexor Muscle Strengthening for Forward Head Posture

Wrap a small towel behind your head at the base of your hairline. Hold the towel endings in each hand. Hold the towel tightly to create resistance for the neck. Assume the same position as in Exercise #1 Chin Tucks and press against the towel. Caution: Keep in mind that most trainers are not trained to deal with these ...

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Training your Core Muscles for Reflexive Control of Movement

Here are some effective exercises to train your core muscles for stability: Chop:  To see a video demonstration of the chop exercise go here. Dying Bug with Ball: To see a video demonstration of the Dying Bug with Ball exercise go here. This is an advanced exercise. If you are a beginner, I suggest starting ...

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Train Your Body to Move and Stabilize in All Directions

Split-Stance Low Cable Row Outside the gym in your everyday life you twist, you turn, you bend. You move in all directions: forward, backward, side to side and rotationally. A common mistake that many gym-goers make is in not training their body to move and stabilize in all directions.This can lead to injury. A short le ...

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The #1 Reason Your Back Hurts

How do you spend most of your day? Sitting in front of a computer? Sitting in the car? Sitting in front of the TV? Sitting, sitting, sitting.... All this sitting is most likely the cause of your neck and back pain. Or will be. Sitting puts tremendous pressure and strain on the spine's discs, muscl ...

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Best Wrist Position for Biceps Curls or Bench Presses

The picture above shows a poor wrist position for a dumbbell or barbell bench press Poor alignment or overuse of your wrist can lead to tendonitis or other wrist injuries. The best position of the wrist for biceps curls is to keep your wrist joint "neutral" and kept from moving. Do not curl the wrist at the ...

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Best Way to Shovel to Avoid Injury to your Back

Improper shoveling technique can lead to injuries like a herniated disk, pulled muscles in your shoulder or upper back, or strained lower backs due to overuse. By increasing the work load on these body parts in a very short period of time this leaves the muscles and other structures in the area (discs, nerves, ligaments, et ...

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Exercises to Be Cautious Of Post Rehab Exercise Programs

Post-rehab exercise programs meet the needs of clients who do not feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough to exercise on their own, given their medical condition and history. If you have had an injury, you may not know how to proceed with post-injury exercise. It is crucial that you consult with someone who knows how do ...

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Low Back Pain When Hiking, Backpacking and Trekking

Low back pain is a common issue amongst hikers, backpackers and trekkers. Long days sitting at the computer with shoulders rounded forward combined with recreational weekend outings with heavy backpacks and long hours on your feet can lead to uncomfortable pack pain. If you have recurring back pain, it is best to addr ...

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